Karen Gellert
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About the Prints

All photographs are taken with a Yashica Mat twin lens reflex film camera.  I love this camera because it causes me to slow down and really focus on what I'm shooting.  The negatives are 6 cm x 6 cm square and printed in a traditional darkroom on silver gelatin paper. Each print is archivally matted, signed and editioned.

Underrepresented Flowers

This series focuses on the beauty of random little flowers found in my garden and on walks in my neighborhood.  My goal is to photograph flowers not normally seen in black and white photography, I call them my "underrepresented" flowers.  Most are very fragile and will soon wilt even when placed in water. Wrapping the stem in a wet paper towel, I rush back to my studio to take the photograph.  I use backlighting to reveal their amazing shapes, textures, and delicate details.

Twig Series

Most of these twigs were found in my neighborhood park, Glen Canyon, a beautiful natural landscape surrounded by a dense city. 


I started photographing urban environments at night after being inspired by the photographs of Todd Hido.  I love the transformation our everyday surroundings undergo in the absence of light and how the disappearance of details can turn an ordinary landscape into a mysterious, abstract environment.

New Work

I've been experimenting with using my found flower prints as paper negatives, thus reversing the image back to its negative state.  I like the mysterious, ghostlike quality.

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